• “Adamant” LLC is an official dealer of Kenworth trucks and we are in charge of its sales, service, rental and maintenance. We can supply all types of Kenworth dump truck and all types of Roadtec equipment in desirable size, design and function.

  • Besides supplying Kenworth and Roadtec brand’s equipment our company can supply lubricant oil and filter elements. Moreover our company is planning to manufacture construction insulation material as construction industry is rapidly growing in Mongolia.

  • Kenworth’s Т170, Т800, С500, W900 and such trucks’ HP is from 100-900, payload capacity is up to 300tonn, able to work in hard conditions and able to transport heavy load in long-distance.

  • From 3-5 months

  • Our manufacturers can manufacture customized trucks’ spec according to customers need

  • For new trucks we give one year standard guarantee and for spare parts such as: transmission, axle, frame, differential and etc., we give extended guarantee period.

  • We supply products from centre factory from Seattle, USA. In necessity of special attachment, body builder factory will add the attachments and supply to us.

  • All types of payment terms, recently we started to lease equipment through bank due to our customer demand.

  • We provide constant trainings as we have programs, lecturers and students in our training room with necessary books and equipment. During this training we train our clients’ and our own drivers, operators and engineers providing constraint training and practice at the same time. Also our employees frequently participates in trainings to improve their knowledge and profession, which is held in oversees.

  • Our local office is located in Chinggis Khaan avenue, Khan-Uul district, 2nd khoroo “Komit Service” LLC building’s room # 101 and our contracted inspection team of 12 people is working in “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC’s mining site