Provide reliable, quality and prompt service to our customers and clients
Create an environment that allows our employees to lead and develop  in their career field
Contribute to the development of our country and to social responsibilities
Bring to the world standard and become leading company.

“Adamant” LLC is a subsidiary company of “Komit Service” LLC and established in 2009 for the purpose of expanding the parent company’s operation and introduce American and Japanese well-known brand and equipment to Mongolian market. Based on this, we became an official dealer in 2010 and start supplying Paccar factory’s Kenworth brand heavy machineries from USA to Mongolian mining, road transportation industry. We operate as an authorized official dealer and provide its service, supply spare parts, provide constant training for operator and engineers.

We aimed to introduce innovated technology to road industry and in 2010 became an official dealer of “Astec Industries” company’s Roadtec road equipment, which is compatible in Mongolian condition. In Mongolia mining, road and construction industries are rapidly growing, thus demand for quality equipment are increasing, based on this demand our company become an official dealer of Kobelco equipment from Japan in 2013. Furthermore, we are aiming to introduce innovated technology in construction industry and offer to our clients.